BCS Clinical Massage Therapy

Our primary focus is on the client's relaxation and well being. It is our goal as a Massage Therapist to treat each individual with specialized attention, care, and respect; as no two clients are the same. We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where we can best facilitate a relaxing and healing experience for our clients.

What Makes Us Different? In addition to relaxing swedish massage, we do clinical work. Clinical work is specialized work focusing on the medical aspects of massage. It deals with issues such as injury rehabilitation, certain side effects from medical treatments, working in ongoing conjuction treatments, such as fibromyalgia, TMJ issues, cancer treatments, sports injuries, work related injuries, neck and shoulders pain, lower back pain, migranes, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, lymphatic drainage, and many more.

We work with the client's specific needs to best treat the symptoms and the cause.


Massage Time Price
1 Hour $60
1-1/2 Hours $75
2 Hours $95




  • Monday: 8:30a - 6:00p
  • Tuesday: 8:30a - 6:00p
  • Wendsday: 8:30a - 6:00p
  • Thursday: 8:30a - 11:00a
  • Friday: 8:30a - 11:00a
  • Saturday: 8:30a - 11:00a
  • Sunday: 8:30a - 11:00a


Convieniently Located In College Station, Near The Corner of Rock Prairie and Wellborn Road